Types of Friends

Types of Friends? Find out what kind of friends you are!

Have you ever thought about what kind of friend you are? Learn about the types of friends here:

refreshing friend:

A friend who is younger than you, you will feel how lucky you are to have reached this point. You will take from his activity and enthusiasm

And you learn from him everything modern and new. So keep it.

Similar friend:

He has the same specialty as you or has the same interests or lives in the same street as you, this friend who lives a life similar to yours

He is the only one who can understand your point of view or your thoughts when you need someone to complain about your concerns to. So keep it.

Wise friend:

A friend you feel has experience in many things, and his presence in your life makes you feel safe, so when you have any problem, you will find someone to lend you a hand

Help with advice and advice, so keep it.

Fun friend This is another type of friend:

He forgets you when you talk to him about your problems and worries, he can relieve your sadness, and he can carry you

To smile and maybe laugh at the top of your voice. So keep it.

Opposite friend:

He is a friend who differs in everything from you. If you are in the scientific section, he is in the literary section, and if you are well off, he is less than you.

It will give you the other point of view of life, and even make you feel that it is not necessarily what other people have that are different from you

Everything is better than what you have, but it makes you feel happy with what you have. So bear it and be patient with it because you know, through its situation, that you are fine.

friend history:

An eyewitness to the ups and downs of your life, its ups, and downs, this friend you met probably on the primary school bench

Or the medium is the precious friend. Take care of it, even if the distances between you are far away.

Kind friend:

You find him cares about you very much, faces your sorrows, works for you, directs and guides you, and sometimes pulls you as if you were his son who raised him and makes you confused!!

Is it to this degree? Yes, and there are many of them. Keep it and bear it.

loyal friend :

The basis of knowledge may be an old friendship, a service you provided to him,

or a role you played that had an impact on his life, and this knowledge transformed

To a friendship that developed with his gratitude for a beauty or a favor, 

and you may not know its value, but he knows it completely, you will find him always seeking

To return the favor and keep you safe. So keep it.

Adversity friend and this last Types of Friends:

That friend that you don’t always find around you, has affection and love for you, but he is far away and is only present on occasions.

You only find him in adversity, he stands with you firmly until your problem is gone, then disappears again but ,They called him in the back of the unseen

Finally, there is the friend who possesses more than one of the above-mentioned qualities. If you have a friend as well, then know that you have great luck.