Four kisses

Four kisses on the forehead of your children

Four kisses when do you accept your child? What is the meaning of every kiss that fathers and mothers place on the forehead of their children?

A precious tip for moms and dads: (Four kisses and five touches)

Four kisses you kiss your sons and daughters every day and five touches you touch with your hands daily:-
(the four kisses)

Every kiss has a scientific place and has no specific age, from the time of birth to death as long as your son, and as long as your daughter, kiss them daily.

1- The first kiss: the kiss of pride
And its location: in the middle of the head, on the hair
What it means is: that you are proud of them, and you prove to your children the love of righteous deeds with this kiss.

2- The second kiss: the kiss of contentment
And its location: in the forehead
Meaning: that you are satisfied with them because they are your sons and daughters.
The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, did not leave his daughter Fatimah, may God be pleased with her, without kissing her on the forehead, peace be upon him

3- The third kiss: the kiss of longing
And its location: on the cheeks
It’s meaning: to express your longing for them, which is one of the ranks of love.

4- The fourth kiss: the kiss of love
And its location: on the hands
It means: you express to them your love and affection for them.

The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, held the hand of Fatima, may God be pleased with her, and kissed her from time to time.

(five touches)

It is the evidence of mercy, compassion, affection, and love

1 – The first touch: to wipe with your hand behind the back of their head, and this touch makes the boy and girl feel that you are truly compassionate towards them.

2- The second touch: to place your hand on their head from above on the hair, and this is called the touch of pride.

3- The third touch: to put your hand on their forehead and this gives the children positive energy.

4- The fourth touch: to place both hands on their cheeks, and this is a touch of love and tenderness.

5- The fifth touch: that you hold their hand and place it in your hands. This particular touch relieves the children of all kinds of anxiety and tension.

Then finally: There is a touch of necessity or when necessary if the children need it!

If you see the boy or girl excited or on the verge of disobedience, anger, or any other negative feeling, you should put your hand

On their chest and wipe your hand on their chest

This particular touch makes them feel calm and calm, and the whispers of Satan will go away from them, God willing